Shreyas is a Mumbai based photographer and an alumni of Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art.
Born and brought up in the cosmopolitan din of Mumbai, Shreyas's pulse resonates with the city's. He has also spent a major chunk of his time at Tawsal, his native place, breathing peace in this quiet village on the shores of Konkan. This contrast of environments has endowed Shreyas with a keen sense of perception, sensitivity and observation that help him pay close attention to the tiniest details. He believes that a balanced photographer is the one who possesses both - the skill set to produce a polished commercial work as well as the curiosity to keep experimenting throughout.
The same is reflected in his work as well. 
Today, we live in a world where technology is highly accessible and seldom any attention is paid to aesthetics. In this visual cacophony, Shreyas is on a mission to create something through his craft that's not only a photograph but a premium visual piece in itself.

Areas of expertise:∙
• Advertising
• Product
• Beauty/ Portrait
• Automobile
• Conceptual Image Manipulation
• Cinemagraphs
• Experimental
• Short seconder films
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